In December ’09, solo artist and vocalist for rock band abingdon boys school, Nishikawa Takanori, who also has his own fashion label and talent agency, announced that he has started his own record company, Defrock Records. Company operations are already smoking, and Nishikawa is looking for bands to sign. Although he is also currently working hard as a musical artist and pop-world king, cultural-ambassador Nishikawa has stated that he would also like to make a wider range of music available to the world. Thus Defrock Records began, a subsidiary of his talent agency, Diesel Corporation.

Nishikawa also remarked that, “I’ll do my best to provide lots of opportunities for the fans to directly listen to the artists’ music through concerts and events. Please look forward for more announcements.” Sounds totally awesome!

The first band to be ‘defrocked’, as it were, is the quartet Agitato, who released their debut album, Colors, on January 20th.




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