Boosting (Ori)Confidence

abingdon boys school‘s phenomenal new album, Abingdon Road (1/27/10) is #2 in the OriCon Weekly charts! All of their releases to date have made it into the top 10 (surprisingly, Kimi no Uta has had the lowest ranking of all their releases, rounding out at #8).
Abingdon Road / abingdon boys school

It’s awesome to see that the album is already doing really well– of course that’s just what we expect from this mind-blowing second album from the super-group. I can imagine there’s quite a flurry of a.b.s fan-ness happening world-wide now, considering their European debut last autumn, and an upcoming, second Japan tour. Unfortunately having the Europe tour before the release of Abingdon Road means we didn’t get to hear Pineapple Army live. There will always be more chances, right?…Right!


OriCon Ranking News


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