Ruka’s “Cruelty”

It was announced that RUKA, the drummer of Visual Kei vet. band Nightmare, will begin a new solo-project called The LEGENDARY SIX NINE. The first single, Cruel, will be released on March 24th, and will feature collaboration with vocalist Hakuei of Penicillin, and rapper TWIGY. Cruel will be released in 2 versions, and will include b-side Suna no Machi and a yet- untitled track.


Ruka also announced that he will participate in the “BEAT SHUFFLE LIVE SIDE 2010 Spring” event  with D’espairsRay and questionably-VK duo Jinkaku Radio in March. Tickets will go on sale on February 13th, so if you can make it– be sure to get your tickets way in advance.

Official Website (Japanese)


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