Super Lovin’ Miku

The best segment of the Miku x Laforet interview…:

O-san: “Miku collaborated with the brand SUPER LOVERS and designed items like this hoodie here…”

Q: “Wow, don’t you think this hoodie is cute, everyone? You want one, right?!”

*silence from the audience*

Miku: “I don’t think they want it that much… (laughs)”

Q: “Is this unisex?”

Miku: “Yes it is, but I designed it for girls to wear without skirts.”

Q: “Isn’t that pornographic?”

Miku: “Not at all! I didn’t mean it like that! I meant they can wear it as a dress…”

No skirt? No problem!

Miku models the hoodie designed for Harajuku fashion label SUPER LOVERS. You can have one, too– whether you’re male or female, skirted or skirtless…The hoodie is available through Japan Discoveries for 15,000 JPY .

Interview transcription from Miku x Laforet Underground Party Talk Show, credits to MusicJapan+ etc.

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