Miku x Laforet Talk Show

On November 22nd, ’09, MIKU, vocalist of Harajuku-dance-rock/ oshare-kei band Antic Cafe, recently released a photo-essay book called 可愛湯’s ЯocКレシピ / Kawayu’sЯocК Recipe. The book includes a 20-photo spread of shots taken around Harajuku and Yoyogi Park in downtown Tokyo, including shots from the SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON store and Ura-Hara (back-streets of Harajuku area), as well as photos previously released in issues of Kera fashion magazine, and clips of Miku’s favorite fashion items.

Miku was interviewed about the book, photo session, and his fashion sense at the MIKU x LAFORET UNDERGROUND PARTY Talk Show. See it subbed in English by MUSICJAPAN+ :

Part One:

Part Two

I find it interesting how reserved his personality is when he’s not singing. You get an impression [from his music] that he’s really outgoing, energetic, and happy. Not that I got the opposite impression from the interview or anything, but I find it interesting from a cultural perspective how artists’ personalities tend to adapt to the formalities and hierarchal structures of off-stage Japanese society, television, etc. Miku is obviously being very reserved and modest for the situation. Nyappy~

Video credit: MUSICJAPAN+

Subbed by: misaki (for MJ+)

Translation by: Saki Kato (For MJ+)

Buy the book at YESASIA


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