Let’s Celebrate…

Today saw the much-anticipated release of Versailles~Philharmonic Quintet‘s first major-label album, Jubilee.

Jubilee / Versailles

If you didn’t get your copy yet, there are still first- press/ limited editions available with the awesome bonus poster.

CDJapan exclusive poster

Jubilee comes in a regular-version and a limited edition with DVD and external bonus poster. The DVD includes the official PV of ASCENDEAD MASTER, a masked and mysterious other PV, as well as making-of footage.

~JUBILEE (1.20.10) Track listing~

1. God Palace -Method of Inheritance-
2. Ascendead Master
3. Rosen Schwert
4. Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne
5. Amorphous
6. Reminiscence
7. Catharsis
8. The Umbrella of Glass
9. Gakkoka
10. PRINCESS -Revival of church-
11. Serenade
12. Sound in Gate

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