…No, it’s not a firearm model. Rather, it’s the name of the incredible audio- technica headphones I got for my birthday (yeah, that un-poetic backdrop is my rather un-poetic laptop. It’s seen better days).

For the past five years or so I’ve been a bit of a headphones-scavenger. I’m not sure what I started out with, but I moved on to Koss a few years ago, and was really impressed with their quality (they seemed to last forever). When the wires finally disconnected from the right ear-piece, I tried some other brands, the names of which I don’t even know, nor think you need bother yourself with knowing. Skull Candy were, frankly, a huge disappointment last summer. The sound-quality isn’t what you’re paying for (despite the hype.)– but please don’t lynch me. Just my personal opinion! And that aside, they broke after about a month of light wear and no travel.

Since then I’ve just been using Apple ear-buds (yeah…the ones that came with my iPod). These are the most comfortable ear-buds I’ve used (not a fan of the slippery Skull Candy ones– plus it’s a better investment to just buy iPods and get the free Apple buds…hah.), and they’ve been extremely durable. Heavy wear, inconsiderate travel, and general abuse accounted for, they have lasted for an unhealthy amount of time. ….However, it’s finally time to retire them. Or not. They have been thrown unceremoniously into a backpack, and will probably be used, due to their minute mobility, for the iPod and excursions. Yeah, I know, the wires are poking out and the casing is split. They’ll probably catch fire next time I listen to GACKT’s ZAN– but hey.

I’ve been going through my musical library and listening to all of my favorite albums to test these new guns out…It’s like hearing them all again for the first time. “Ah, so the bass-player actually had a part in that song?” The bass pick-up is amazing, and the layering and everything is so defined and clear that I can actually hear what’s going on in a song– it’s not just solid noise.

….Now I’m starting to think about a new iPod to go with the headphones… When I bought mine I, naively, thought it would take forever to use all 4GB up, but it didn’t take that long, and here I am. I guess it was good that it happened, because I cleaned out my music-closet and put some new stuff on in place of the old. It will have to be 8GB next…After a new computer. SIGH.

Today’s soundtrack has been GHOST, by GACKT. Enjoy.


2 responses to “ATH-M30

  1. Haha, yes, skullcandy earbuds always break. I’ve had 4 pairs already, and each time, the left earbud breaks. It’s so annoying, no one’s lynching you, so don’t worry!
    Ask me why I keep on paying…? Well, I just always return it and get a new pair in exhcange….-__-‘
    Yes, but I do love my apple earbuds! Mine died three years ago, though.

    • They break, they don’t fit well, the sound quality is pretty lame, and they aren’t even inexpensive. I have to say I have never purchased another pair of Skullcandies, and I certainly never will again.

      Funnily enough, it’s interesting that you commented on this post, as I have been obsessing over buying new earbuds these past few weeks. After a healthy run, the Apple buds have met their end. The left speaker is fizzing out on every bass note and decent treble. Most likely I will acquire another set of the same.

      What brand are you listening through these days?

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