Get ReVeNGe with Sex Pot

Looking for something to add some oomph to your dreary January days? Get punked-out and organize your life at the same time with hardcore punk fashion label from Japan: Sex Pot ReVeNGe.

Covered in the gnarly skull Sex Pot design, with plenty of tattered tartan, vicious studs, and rebellious usage of inspirational English phrases for the renegade in all of us, it’s not hard to see why this brand has become “the” Japanese punk label.

Based out of fashion-central Harajuku, Tokyo, the brand “designs around the concept of of smashing the useless norm and produce items with a shocking, strange, powerful, and fresh feel.”

“The brand has further extended its tentacles through the Japanese underground by collaborating with artists like Antic Cafe, STANCE PUNKS, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION (Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, 12012) for new fashion items, and by producing their own free music magazine.” [1]

The brand’s free magazine, VINYL SYNDICATE has featured modelling spreads with bands and artists such as AnCafe and girugamesh.

Along with huge sales, CDJapan is currently running a promotion– the first 50 people to order JPY 10,000 or more of Sex Pot product will receive a sick 2010 date-planner. The planner is approximately 15.3cm x 11cm / weighs 100g.

Note: 10,000 yen minimum excludes shipping; while supplies last; From CDJ: *The present will be included with the orders and we won’t be making any announcement. *Please note that we can’t guarantee that every person who order of 10,000yen or above will receive the present.

Good luck!

++Sources and Links++

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**Sex Pot ReVeNGe at CDJapan**

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