Hitting the First Pain-Barrier of ’10…?

Today we are officially two weeks into the new year! How are everyone’s resolutions holding out?

Although I decided not to make “resolutions” this year, because I never seem to remember them past the first two days of the new year, I did make some decisions as to what was going to be different this year. I think I’ve been holding to them well so far…

Remember, it has been scientifically proven that it takes about 30 days for the human brain to fully reprogram itself, so if you started on the first, you’re probably hitting the major pain-barrier right now…I know I am! The other day I had my first moment of doubt, and thought I would sleep in a little. But I didn’t give in! I’ve been busy with some different things than usual for a few days, but now I’m fully ready to jump back in.

mou sukoshi ganbatte kudasai! (Please just keep it up a little longer!).  Here’s some motivation, presented by abingdon boys school in honor of their long-awaiting 2nd album’s release date being nearly here!: Freedom

Gloomy news is hittin’ the headlines
So depressin’, not a surprise
Public places, there are no boundaries
Supervised like we can’t be wise
Who’s in control of the disaster?
Who’s in control of your life?

Now it’s the time to break out of your cell
Unchain yourself, don’t hesitate
Pressures like these, unnecessary
You are here to emancipate
Just let go of what is inside you
Show what you got! Go ahead and do your thing!

I’m goin’ out there
I’m gonna meet you there
Stand up and get a kick out of life!
I wanna be free yeah!

I’m gettin’ up there
I’m gonna take you there
It’s the beginning of the renaissance
In the name of freedom!

Bumpin’ into gossips, they bore me
No interest to join the game
Suffocatin’, so ordinary
Every moment is not the same
Just let go of what is inside you
Show what you got! Go ahead and be yourself!

I'm going out there...

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