The Abingdon Road “Talking-To”

Yes. There are previously released songs on this album. Seven of them. Got a problem with that? Wanna take this outside?

Let’s talk about this. Sure, that’s 7 brand new songs we could have had– and everyone feels a bit of a sting at the thought of having lost seven new a.b.s songs– after all, we want as bloody much as we can get our lace-gloved hands on! Much as I respect you all, I must make this point: probably what you’re really upset about is the fact that you bought all the singles and now you feel like you’re getting ripped off.

Of course this isn’t the case. You wouldn’t be proper fans if you didn’t collect the very collectible limited and first-press editions (or any editions, for that matter) of all their singles. And then there’re the B-sides. Excellent songs unto themselves– Freedom, for one. So suck it up– a full length album full-stop is an incredible gift of music from the boys, not to be understated.

Oh– and if you have first-press limited editions with external bonuses that you’re such a punk you don’t want, there are a few I’m bummed to be missing, so we can take this to the other room and talk business.  +g

Tracklist released for a.b.s‘ much-anticipated (at least by me. Shaking in my boots here!) new full-length album, to hit shelves (or leave the warehouse, in the case of us foreigners) on January 27th, ’10. I’m pumped to see the track selection– all the new stuff has funky and promising titles, and all the old stuff were obvious picks (all the hits of the year). All I freakin’ wanna know is what the heck BLADE CHORD is doing on here. It has, in my personal experience and opinion, absolutely no business being on this album.

Limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring footage from their performance at “Inazuma Rock Fes” on September 19, 2009 in Shiga (prefecture near Kyoto). DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.
Abingdon Road / abingdon boys school

3. and I love. . .
4. JAP
5. Souen – feat. BASHI, Sakkon, FUNKYMIC from Insist
6. Shiosai
7. From Dusk Till Dawn – INCHI UP –
8. Siren
10. Kimi no Uta
11. Sweetest Coma Again
12. Gold Eclipse
13. Valkyrie -Lioleia Mix-
14. nocturne

So, did you order your copy yet?!


9 responses to “The Abingdon Road “Talking-To”

  1. I get so annoyed by the people saying that they’re miffed that a lot of the songs are singles… that’s what happens…and it was the same on the other album, but nobody seems to notice that!

    on the other album there were 3 singles previously released, 1 (modified -lol) b-side, and 2 songs which were previously released in compilations, so in total, from the first album, we already kinda knew 6 songs.
    In this album however, there a 5 singles previously released, and 2 songs which were on compilations (valkyrie -lioleia mix- also happens to be a modified b-side too!) so in total we know 7 songs before this came out.
    there were 12 songs on the first album, and we knew 6, so that gives us 6 new songs
    there are 14 tracks on this, and we know 7, so that gives us 7 new songs.

    So actually we’re getting MORE new songs on THIS album. -and lol, in both half the songs were unknown.

    so people ahould stop complaining there-and do the maths!! :)

    i’m personally loving the tracklist, and i listened to the previews and they sound very good!

    and of course BLADE CHORD’s gonna be on there, it was released after the first album and it deserves to be on an album!!

    I’ll definitely be going for the limited edition one!

    • In an interview, a.b.s commented on the release of Abingdon Road, and said that half the material for the album was released before the European tour, and half the material would be completed/written after the European tour. In this way, part of the “album image and personality” lie in this, kind of, before and after snapshot. The old and the new, and how they come together.

      “1 (modified -lol) b-side” I couldn’t help but chuckle at your comment. Ah, the endless discussions around LOST REASON…(One song that was sorely missed at their London live) I noticed that Track 5 of Abingdon Road also features vaguely hip-hoppish named members of the group “Insist”. If this proves to be half as incredible as their modified LOST REASON feat. MICRO, the album is totally set!

      I, personally, haven’t sampled any of the new tracks– I am saving it for a completely fresh experience when I actually receive the album. However, I’m glad to hear your remarks, defense, and praise of what you know of the coming album. It’s great to hear feedback from another devoted a.b.s fan.

      I’d be interested to know what you think when you’ve had a chance to listen to Abingdon Road from beginning to end. Take it easy!

      • haha, modified was the only word i could think of

        I think i’ve read that interview you were on about :)
        i thik it was yesterday actually…

        a lot of people don’t like LOST REASON with micro, i do, even if i’m not a fan of home made kazoku…

        i’m very disappointed because i went to look at the limited edition album (CD+photbook) and i was hugely disappointed to see it’s ALREADY sold out, before the release. So i have to hope that this will pop up on eBay somewhere after the release…
        so i might not buy the album until i can get it, cos i have a thing for getting limited edition versions!!- i might get the DVD one while i’m waiting…

        It comes out a day after my birthday so i was hoping that this could have been a birthday present to myself!!

  2. …While we’re being totally honest with each other, I’ve actually never even heard HOME MADE KAZOKU– I had only heard the name once or twice prior (and post, for that matter) to hearing LR….However…MICRO’s performance, captured both on the album and the live DVD, is truly awesome, and this is a priceless piece of fun, macho B-A-ness. The song (modified and otherwise) is fundamentally flawless, and the rapping totally works, despite seeming, at first appearances, incongruous with a.b.s. Respect to them for pulling it off like that, eh?

    Ack! I totally feel your pain! I really hope the ltd. edition pops up somewhere and you’re able to land yourself a copy! It’s totally disappointing to find out the first press is sold-out (I’m with you– completely elite. It’s economically dangerous.)– I’ve taken to obsessing over the pre-order status and checking it daily to always make sure there are some left…. Good luck! (And happy early birthday to you).

    • ii only heard them at Inazuma Rock Fes.
      Yes, i compleely agree that the rapping works too, i like it with and without!

      i’ve never pre-ordered anything before and it always worked, i think i willl in the future if i really want someting
      can’t believe it was sold out a week before release!!

      Thank you!!!!

  3. yes, someone told me yesterday, i’m so haaaaaappy!! I can finally get it now!! might get both versions :)

      • Awesome! Glad to hear you’re able to get it!
        Heh. I can’t wait to hear the album. I got a shipping confirmation a few days ago, so now I wait….and wait…I said I was going to just forget I even bought it, and then it would show up one day and be brilliant. Turns out things don’t work like that, and I’m suffering OCD.

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