Alice in Wonderland

And I don’t mean the blue-skirted bumpkin of psychedelic children’s book fame! Last month Visual Kei poster-boys Alice Nine confirmed 8 dates for a Spring ’10 Japan tour.

Alice Nine + Alice Nine Tour 201o  The Reason of Geometry『幾何学ノ理』+ *

3/22(月・祝)CLUB CITTA’川崎 (Kawasaki)
3/27(土)新潟LOTS (
3/31(水)Zepp Sendai
4/3(土)広島CLUB QUATTRO (
4/4(日)福岡DRUM LOGOS (
4/6(火)Zepp Osaka
4/8(木)Zepp Nagoya
4/10(土)Zepp Tokyo


Details will be added soon.

So, going down the rabbit-hole?


Official Website

+ Note: I’m not sure about the title of the tour, but I’m pretty sure it’s The Reason of Geometry +lit: Geometry’s Reason+. -gp


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