Stay the Ride Alive

Not sure how to handle the new year now that it is upon us? As usual, GACKT has the answer! Starting January 1st, why not burn rubber in 2010 with GACKT’s latest single Stay The Ride Alive.

Stay the Ride Alive / GACKT

3 versions: Regular edition (CDA), Limited edition 1 (DVD), Limited edition 2 (2 DVDs).

Notorious for being a typical Japanese fan-boy in his love of mecha, GACKT has been living every schoolboy’s dream since he released the song Metamorphose (Love Letter single) to be used as the ending-theme to the Mobile-Suit Gundam series.

Now in 2009 GACKT has further spread his metal wings in the industry, and has practically commandeered the soundtrack for the popular Power-Rangers-esque transformers TV series Kamen Rider. Not only did he do the original opening theme song for the new rendition of the show (which started airing in July), Journey Through the Decade, but he did a piece for the Kamen Rider movie that came out later this past summer (the single: The Next Decade). It would seem Kamen Rider is no longer safe from Gacktian clutches, as New Year’s Day will witness the release of the third installment: Stay the Ride Alive.

If the song is as macho as the cover image, we’re all set to ride into the new year armed with awesomeness.


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