LM.C World Tour

LM.C announced the release of their new, third, album along with the good news that they will be doing a complete world tour in 2010.

The psychedelic electrock duo have scheduled 11 dates in APRIL, 2010: The tour will kick off in Moscow, Russia, on April 3rd, with dates following in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Austria, France, and finally, in Bochum, Germany on April 18th. (Sorry, Brits. You got your fill of Jrock this fall! Suffer with the Yanks for once!). They will also perform on two dates in Asia.

Upon their return to Japan, they will have a short break before setting off on another leg of the tour, this one a 10-city nation-wide sprint down Japan. They will begin with two dates at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall on May 4th/5th, and reach the end of the rainbow at Niigata LOTS on June 6th (with a pot of gold waiting for everyone, I’m sure).

★ Tour Dates in EUROPE
2010.4/3(Sat) Relax Club [Russia/Moscow]
2010.4/5(Mon) Tavastia(Finland/Helsinki)
2010.4/6(Tue) Klubben(Sweden/Stockholm)
2010.4/7(Wed) Markthalle(Germany/Hamburg)
2010.4/9(Fri) Backstage(Germany/Munich)
2010.4/10(Sat) Diesel Club(Hungary/Budapest)
2010.4/11(Sun) Scene(Austria/Wien)
2010.4/14(Wed) Transbordeur(France/Lyon)
2010.4/15(Thu) Le Phare(France/Toulouse)
2010.4/17(Sat) Elysee Montmartre(France/Paris)
2010.4/18(Sun) Zeche(Germany/Bochum)

Tour dates Asia:

2010.4/25 Centerpoint Playhouse (Thailand/Bangkok)

2010.4/23 Legacy Taipei (Taiwan/ Taipei)

Tour dates Japan:

2010.5/4(tue) SHIBUYA C.C.Lemon HALL (Tokyo)
2010.5/5(wed) SHIBUYA C.C.Lemon HALL (Tokyo)
2010.5/7(fri) umeda AKASO (Osaka)
2010.5/8(sat) umeda AKASO (Osaka)
2010.5/9(sun) NAGOYA BOTTOM LINE (Aichi)
2010.5/11(tue) SENDAI Darwin (Miyagi)
2010.5/15(sat) KANAZAWA AZ (Ishikawa)
2010.5/16(sun) TOYAMA Club MAIRO (Toyama)
2010.5/22(sat) FUKUOKA Drum Be-1 (Fukuoka)
2010.5/23 (sun) OKAYAMA CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM (Okayama)
2010.6/4(fri) SAPPOLO mole (Hokkaido)
2010.6/5(sat) NIIGATA LOTS (Niigata)

In the meantime, although I’m sure we’d all sell our nationalities in a heartbeat, for anyone not patient enough for a little LM.C, the rainbow-rockers have a brand new album scheduled for release: aforementioned Wonderful Wonderholic to be out on March 3rd.

Some further information about the WW release:

(As usual, this doesn’t help any of us, but…) Fan-club members will be able to purchase a special exclusive ultra interesting box-set edition, which you will pay out your ears for, but will be worth it. The box-set will include LM.C official goods, including a hard-cover booklet, a set of 2 rubber-rings, and a monogram tin.

Regular editions of the album will include a special lottery-ticket, which you are welcome to send in, and they will give you an LM.C gift.

On a completely different topic, Maya has his new look set for the new year. Is it just me, or has he taken androgyny to a whole new level?

+Source and Tour Date schedule+

LM.C Official MySpace

Tour Dates page (Official website)


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