Do I see a trend?

Actually, technically it’s a “perm”, and 3 does not a trend make….I hope.

Whoever it was that told these three Jrock superstars that this particular hair-style was a good idea…. Well. It wasn’t a good idea. And they should cease and desist before it catches on any more than it already has.

"The Perm" +Ruki+ (the GazettE)

(Thankfully, RUKI of the GazettE has already gone public with his reform. No more perm.)

…The fact that it spread to two people is pretty incredible…

"The Perm" +Satoshi+ (girugamesh)

…and the fact that it has already infected the fashions of THREE people is absolutely worthy of quarantine.

"The Perm" +GACKT+ (GACKT)

(Fortunately fashions and hair-styles of superstar GACKT never seem to last longer than the length of a single. We may be safe. For now.)

Now, see. I am an extremely open person when it comes to fashions and hairstyles from the Japanese rock and sub-cultures. Usually I think they are really quite cool– and if at first they seem unusual, after a while they start to grow on me. Who here remembers GACKT’s Diabolos tour when he had corn-rows and ringlets? I do. It was awesome.

Why can’t I get used to seeing this side-saddle-perm, then? I think the answer lies in the question. Comments, clarification, and input highly appreciated.


2 responses to “Do I see a trend?

  1. Lol, after the LEECH PV where Ruki was TRULY stylin’ with that perm (and by that I mean the hairstylists totally over-fluffed it! DX), I’m used to it now. XD But one reason I don’t particularly like this hairstyle is when watching lives (like Giru’s CRAZY CRAZY or Gaze’s TOUR DIM SCENE 09) is that I can’t see their faces or their expression which conveys the emotion of the song. >_<

    • The LEECH PV is just another thing entirely…That more or less surpassed The Perm. It’s a bit amusing, and also a bit strange, considering it is about as far from Ruki’s “classic” look as he could get. Possibly the answer to our question right there, though.
      Point well-made about the perm hiding their faces. At least Satoshi has foregone the massive black sunglasses that Ruki and GACKT seem to favor.

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