D’espairsRay Until the End of Time

This time before and around New Year’s is usually a time of reflection and prepping of the never-seem-to-happen resolutions. Having just celebrated their tenth anniversary (yeah, 10, ten, tenth– you read it right), and this being a time of reflection, Jrockers, headbangers, and Keiists together ought to be contemplating what exactly D’espairsRay has done for the Visual music scene since 1999. Well…let me give you a hint: it has something to do with mutilating our eyes and ears with some killer Jrock. And I mean that in the best way possible.

The band may not look as terrifyingly hardcore as they did back in their beginning, but they’re still rocking out as heavy as ever…

…Not only that, but the band has been branching out a bit. Networking, as it were, among the high echelons of Jrock society. They collaborated by working with abingdon boys school‘s programmer and keyboardist, the sensational Toshiyuki Kishi by passing on the production of new single FINAL CALL to the master mixer. Good idea, that.

Drummer TSUKASA was also just honored by appearing in the PV of GACKT’s new masterpiece, poetic thrasher 雪月花~The End of Silence [Setsugekka~ The End of Silence], along with Gacktjob guitarist YOU, Nightmare‘s bassist Ni~ya, and Duel Jewel‘s guitarist Shun. Omedetou~~ Tsukasa.

Now you, too, can feel like you could live forever with hardcore Visualist authorities D’espairsRay and their brand new hot-off-the-press today (Dec. 29th) album IMMORTAL. Regular edition JPY 2800
Immortal / D'espairsRay

As for the first decade of killing it, (while somehow still managing to look as if they couldn’t even have been alive long enough to celebrate the tenth year of their anything, let alone the tenth year of their formation as a real-live-popular band.),the band celebrated with (select) fans at a free concert. The footage was filmed for the deprived/depraved, and is available for the price of a one-way ticket to Japan. Watch and weep:

10th Anniversary Live Closer to ideal -Brandnew scene- / D'espairsRay
(Oh, I see. You get a T-shirt, too. That makes the price OK.)

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