What a tangled web we weave…

December 13th was hide’s birthday! Did anyone celebrate his memory?

May 2nd, 2010 marks 12 years since the unfortunate and untimely death of Matsumoto hide, rock-star of X Japan and solo fame (solo as hide with spread beaver).

On May 2nd 1998 hide passed away.
12 years have passed…
Spring 2010 will be the 13th Memorial.

hide is a Japanese born guitarist, solo artist and ROCK STAR☆.

hide, as “ROCK STAR☆” is still shining and is still supported by many fans, artists and people from around the world.

In 2010 we will start 「hide The 13th Memorial ~Our Pink Spider~」under that star.

As hide, the spider, spins his web, we will always feel connected with him.
The title means that  hide’s story is being handing down to new generations. Like a spider spinning a web.

People who supported hide before his death.
People who have told his story after his death.
People who will meet him in the future.
We have all become the people who follow hide.

There are as many feelings for hide as there are people who love hide.
Even though time has passed, hide stays with us as we think of him and remember his life.
“ROCK STAR☆” hide will always be watching us from heaven.

「hide The 13th Memorial ~Our Pink Spider~」
HEADWAX ORGANIZATION will present it to people all over the world with special thanks.


1998年5月2日 hideが空に旅立ちました。
2010年 春 13回忌というひとつの節目をむかえます。

ギタリストであり、ソロアーティストであり、そして日本が生んだ”ROCK STAR☆”であるhide。

hideという”ROCK STAR☆”はたくさんのファン、アーティスト、関係者の方々にささえられ

2010年、その星のもと、私たちは 『hide The 13th Memorial ~Our Pink Spider~』



“ROCK STAR☆” であるhideはいつも私たちを見守ってくれています。

『hide The13th Memorial ~Our Pink Spider~』

— From the hide official myspace.

This year, hide’s 13th memorial will be held at Tsukiji-Hongan-Ji, Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple (where his funeral was originally held in 1998), in Tokyo.

Our Pink Spider (memorial website)

hide official Myspace


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