En route to Abingdon

Funny as it sounds, English grandmothers are probably more familiar with the name Abingdon than most hardcore rockers under 30 today. The reasoning behind this? Abingdon, originally called Abingdon-on-Thames, is a town in Oxfordshire, southern England. Home to Abingdon School, an all-boys school whose initial claim to fame was having hosted members of Radiohead during their delinquent school years, Google searches for the town now list results under a new type of Abingdon. You guessed it, Japanese metal-magicians, abingdon boys school.

The good news is, it’s a lot easier to get to far-flung places these days than it was in the past. Jrockers get your passports and hit the road with a scheduled all-new full-length album from Secret Garden’s favorite Jrock sensation, abingdon boys school. Make room in your collection, because on January 27th 2010, ears will bleed for Abingdon Road.

The planned album will have 5 previously released singles and 6 all new songs.


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