What’s the point of auto-saving drafts if when you accidentally delete everything you wrote, it just automatically saves the deletion? That’s what I call a black-hole in the programming of auto-saves. Tch. Like, if I wanted that to happen, I wouldn’t want them to auto-save full stop.

Anyway. I’m back now. Left London at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and got into my local airport around midnight. The flight back wasn’t too bad. The seat next to mine was miraculously vacant, so I could spread out a bit. Plus I could commandeer the pillow and blanket of my absent neighbor and stick my stuff on their tray-table. Hehehe. I think it’s subliminal punishment when economy travelers have to walk through the business and first-class cabins. All their friggen leg-room and champagne glasses… How much does that cost? Speaking of cost (my bank account can hold cash as well as a colander can hold water) I think it’s time for me to buy a Nintendo DS. I know, I know, is it even still legal to not have one? Maybe I’ll look on eBay; although, to be fair, when faced with 17 hours of travel time, the price of a DS becomes but the penny unsuspecting tourists not understanding the exchange rate throw into machines to get images printed on them at destinations.

Well, that aside, now that I’m back I’ll be posting more frequently. There’s still more to come on the Visual Kei series front, as well as tons of new releases to announce (they’ll make you puke, they’re incredible), so I’m up to here with catching up to do. Plus you can anticipate London coverage…..you know what I mean. ;)


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