“From Dusk Till Dawn”

…You would almost think the title of abingdon boys school‘s new single was referring to how much I listen to them. But actually, it’s not. The mastermind band has hit it once again with an ending for an anime series, this time Darker Than Black 2. The single, to be released December 16th (Hallelujah– still early enough to add it to your Christmas list) features only the title song, From Dusk Till Dawn, for JPY500.


From Dusk Till Dawn is an almost shocking break in the heavy rock the band has been releasing lately (JAP, Kimi no Uta, STRENGTH…etc). A mellow swerve into melancholia, this may actually be the first legitimate ballad by our favorite school boys. If you’re looking for a late-night pleaser, pick up your copy today. Well, technically not till December. But pre-order now.

I don’t know about anybody else out there, but my piggy-bank has been so abused this year that it can practically file for harassment and get taken away by the government’s child-protection agencies and sent off to a foster-home. By my book, however, it would be worth going to court in order to have another gem added to the a.b.s. treasure-trove.


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