Cosplay #4 ~ the prince

Mana (MDM) by FallenAngel1973

Mana (MDM) by FallenAngel1973

Mana-sama, formerly of Malice Mizer, and currently leader and guitarist of “solo” project Moi Dix Mois, mentor to Lolita-rock rising star Kanon Wakeshima, founder of Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion label Moi Meme Moitie, and prince of gothic Visual Kei, is hailed as one of the most difficult cosplays to get right. You really have to have the natural physiology for it– a certain facial structure that makeup can’t alter. This Elegant Gothic Aristocrat version, done with roots in the MDM era, is pretty much spot-on. Check out FallenAngel1973’s page to see more Mana cosplays, as incredible as this one.

acce_main~Sources and Tutorials that may or may not help you achieve the perfect Mana Cosplay~

xxfullmoonxx’s makeup tutorial for a Gothic Lolita Bible-inspired Mana

Mana Wannabe’s Versailles-era inspired Mana makeup tutorial

and a few videos that may help you get the signature lips and hair down pat….

And remember…personality….is everything:


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