Cosplay #1~ Reita

Reita_Cosplay_I_by_Kei_DynamiteReita, illustrious bass-player of the GazettE, as cosplayed by Kei_Dynamite. Not only has kei_dynamite totally captured Reita, the quality and lighting of the photograph is completely typical of the Gazette. Photograph of the real Reita below:


Although I can’t help you find the leather jacket, here is a video that will help you get the (longer version) hair and basic makeup. The divine help me, it looks so simple.

Credits: visit Kei_Dynamite’s deviantart page

Video by Eme-Raude, visit her youtube page for more excellent Visual Kei makeup and hair tutorials


4 responses to “Cosplay #1~ Reita

  1. That was one of the reasons I thought it was such a cool picture. It has a very air-brushed, glossy-page magazine pin-up kind of style to it that I can imagine cutting out of a FOOL’s MATE (if they weren’t preserved in plastic covers under three series of lock and key, that is.)

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