Get Your Goth On

image by aoi_loves_you

image by aoi_loves_you

To follow up my latest post on Visual style and how it interfaces with cosplay, I’m going to take it upon myself to do a short series of featurettes displaying some of the best Visual Kei cosplay I’ve seen on the web lately. If looks could kill, these cosplayers would be unwittingly massacring the cosplay community.

As I mentioned briefly in Of Corset Is, in my personal opinion I believe that the true purpose of cosplay is not to achieve the most correct costume of the character, but to capture as closely as possible the essence and personality of the character. It is important to remember that despite what the image on hand shows you, you are your own person, and unless you adapt the cosplay to be true both to yourself as well as to the character you are portraying, the cosplay will never really hit the mark. I have seen some really wonderful cosplays, but the cosplayer donning them had spent so much effort on getting the exact pattern of brocade for their Ten-Ten tassles, that they forgot to affect her airs and that particular feeling we associate with her. I’m (a tiny bit) less fussy about anime and video-game type cosplays than Visual Kei or Jrock ones, because with VK and Jrock we are attempting to affect the styles of a real person, and besides that– I’m just wicked touchy about the subject. ;)

The reason I have chosen to feature these particular cosplays, is because the cosplayers have done an exceptional job not only at piecing together the outfits, makeup, and hair-styles, but they have also worked to portray as closely as possible this elusive essence of the object of cosplayification.

Stay tuned to Secret Garden… roseblood


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