Walking a fine line with Tightrope

Sheesh, I tell ya. The only thing scary about this Halloween is what my sentient-being of a computer might be doing come said hallowed eve… If I’d known Toshibas were so vengeful, I’d have considered my options further…

So, I’m not dead.  The local anime-fans who read my rant on DJ Thunderstrom from the con here at home-base did come with torches and pitch-forks, frothing at the mouth, but I escaped them, and in an effort to find refuge, I tripped and fell into a hole. That hole appears to be a full-time job for the purpose of paying for my irresponsible design to see a.b.s. live in London next month. Ironically, I’ve become musically deprived.  There’s been excesses of great music coming out this autumn– on that note, I hope everyone got their copy of a.b.s.Kimi no Uta. And girugamesh‘s Crying Rain. I didn’t get mine, just, y’know, in case you were wondering. Next up is D‘s Day by Day (title subject to change). Due out on December 2nd. The featured song is the theme to a dating sim for cell-phones, called Love Summit. Your guess is as good as mine.

To prep your palette for gloomy gothic group D‘s love summit this winter, I recommend checking out their already-released, Tightrope.


I admit, I’m not always in the mood for D. I think they’re a great band, but sometimes the gothica can be a bit overbearing for my taste. Tightrope, then, came as a stupendous surprise. Their sound has become a lot more polished since going major, which is apparent in their earlier major-label singles, BIRTH and Snow White. Both singles took a major (no pun– okay, fine, pun intended…) swing in a new direction, the former being brighter and rockier, and the latter a veritable ballad. Tightrope swings the other way now, back into dark and heavy…but far from typical D fare. This time you can’t hear the corsets and platform boots, if you know what I mean.

Tightrope plays ASAGI’s distinctive, throaty vocals to different advantages. The way the vocals work with the melody is seamless, relentless, and by the end of the song, you’re left breathless (along with ASAGI, no doubt)– result of a thrashing pace, kinky guitar riffs, and just enough bondage to ensure we’re not going anywhere. It’s a refreshing rock track, catchy in a very indie way, and glossed over with the perfect dash of goth.

If the gloomy weather, falling crimson leaves, and first signs of leering pumpkins doesn’t get you in the mood for some serious gothica… just leave it to D.

Pick up Tightrope~ and get Day by Day on your X-mas list, because this Love Summit thing sounds like something that can’t be missed.

Tightrope / D


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