Dim Sum for some, Dim Scene for VK scene

At this rate, after all, Dim Sum or Dim Scene is a choice some of us will inevitably have to make. Yes, Visualists, time to crack open your piggy-banks yet again. It is something of a exquisite purgatory that really will never end…But they sure haven’t been going easy on us this summer/fall! Winter is proving to be just as monetarily fatal– or perhaps even more so, given the release of several must-have live DVDs. This time, we tremble in our boots anticipating the December 16th 2009 release of Tour 09- Dim Scene- Final at Saitama Super Arena.

Wow, Saitama Super Arena has really been the place to be. And now, thanks to the graces of technology, you can witness the things that go on there for a “mere fraction” of the price it would cost you to fly to Tokyo on a whim and bribe a Japanese friend to get you a ticket. Here it is, GazettE fans rejoice–
Live DVD Tour 09 - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena / the GazettE

The DVD is 3 discs (region 2 encoded: Japan, Middle East, Europe, So. Africa–N. Americans, I suffer with you.), no subtitles, limited edition available now for pre-order, comes with poster extra. JPY9300 (USD$104.45–again, I suffer with you). Regular edition also available for any who have a cadaverous malnourished piggy-bank like Gacktpause: Regular ed. JPY5800 (USD$64.52)– 2 discs, all the aforementioned handcuff-like vice of encoding and limiting, includes poster extra.


If you simply can’t wait until the snowy days, October delivers a feed for the fix with new single Before I Decay. Available 10/7, JPY1000 (USD$11.12-we now have a wussy currency), limited edition available, B2 sized poster extra.

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