Listen to B’z for a spell

I don’t know about any of you– but it’s been made very clear to me by now that I have a fairy-godmother. What she does, see, is she makes it so that all of the greatest bands alive keep making incredible music, on and on and on…Where she goes wrong, if I understand this correctly, is she never actually delivers the goods unto me, as it were.

No problem. Follow the “Gacktpause” page link, and click on the big golden button that says Give a Gift. And just follow the prompts…
Magic / B'z

Yes. It’s true. Cinderella, get ready to have a ball, because on November 18th, 2009, rock duo wizards B’z will release an all-new full-length album. The album, titled appropriately MAGIC, follows up the releases of singles DIVE/イチブトゼンブ and My Lonely Town— and anyone who missed those will be in for a treat with the release of MAGIC. Featuring 10 yet-unheard new tracks, the album will also host their hit newest singles, Dive, Ichibu to Zenbu, and My Lonely Town.

A limited edition with a DVD is available for JPY3600 (USD$40.04), regular edition CD only available for JPY 2800 (USD$ 31.15). Pre-order now before you turn into a pumpkin.



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