GACKT- just getting started

Fans around the globe seem to ponder the question as to whether Jrock-king GACKT is on his exodus or advent. Since his announcement in 2004 that he would be checking in every 3 years to see if he still had the capacity to continue creating excellent music and lives, there has been a sliver of doubt running through fans. However, if anything can be judged by GACKT’s influx of incredible music, not to mention his overwhelming activity in seemingly all media fronts, it seems unlikely that this well has gone dry.

That is to say, unless he uses it all up in this insane pattern of releasing two or three singles a month! That’s right, we are already anticipating a new release this winter. Complementing the release of his latest tour DVD, his yet-untitled winter ’09 single will hit fans on November 18th. The single will host a generous 4 tracks, including an instrumental, and the theme to the video game Samurai Warriors 3. Standard single price 1143 JPY/ USD$ 12.41.


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