Visualive Coming to Venues Near You….


Were you totally depressed about your genetic inability to see GACKT’s Visualive Arena Tour: Requiem et Reminiscence II~ Saisei to Kaiko? Did not being able to see this incredible phenomena ruin your life for months? (Or am I just speaking for myself here….?) Because if it did– and even if it did not– now is your chance to witness GACKT’s incredible final performance at the Saitama Super Arena  from his 2009 Visualive Arena Tour– right in your own home.

…You don’t need to tell me it’s not the same thing! I was even in Japan when the tour was going on! However, in this Medieval era, my friends, we make do with what we can get.

The DVD is Region 2 encoded (Japan, Middle East, Europe, So. Africa), Japanese language (no subtitles), and contains a total of 3 discs. It will be available on November 18th 2009 (11/18/09) for JPY 6667/ USD$ 72.37.

GACKT Visualive Arena Tour 2009 Requiem Et Reminiscence II Final Chinkon To Saisei / GACKT


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