Want to spend 2010 with Gackt?

Gackt / Gackt

Well now is your chance! Every year GACKT releases a wall-calendar for your viewing and organizational pleasure. The GACKT 2010 calendar will be available for purchase on November 7th 2009 (11/7/09), for 2,381 Yen (US$ 25.57). These calendars are considered Collectible goods, and should be snatched up the minute you get a chance. ^o^

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a feeling that the whole point of a HOD3812

wall-calendar is so that every time you have to check all the birthdays and dentist appointments and other exciting things you have to do in your life, you are uplifted, or soothed, or excited by a thematic image buoyed above that bleak grid of dates, the passing months of lack of productivity or excess flying by in a merciless countdown of weeks. That’s why this calendar (see image to R) just would never work for me. If I had it my way, calendars wouldn’t even come with the date-grid section on them.

That is how one discovers the Japanese wall-calendar. Or at least the Gackt calendar. Never having owned a different themed calendar of a similar variety, I can only vouch for the state of being of the Gackt calendar. Without further ado, then…

First of all, the major perk is that there is no date grid. Ahah, just kidding. The major upside is that it’s less a calendar and more a poster set with some subtle numbering on the bottom. The total image size is 27 1/2″ (71 cm) tall, with a 1/2″ metal binding at the top, and 20″ (50 cm) wide (you’ll have to cut the images off to change the months, unfortunately. Use an Exacto knife or cutting tool and cut carefully along the metal strip to preserve the poster.) The paper isn’t glossy, but each sheet is pretty heavy-duty card-stock-type paper.

The calendar is 7 full pages; a ‘title’ page, and then 6 images, each with a 2-month bar of dates at the bottom:

Img from 2008 calendar

Img from 2008 calendar

As you can see, the photographs are beautiful, artistic, and excellent quality. The 2009 calendar photographs were taken by Nomura Seiichi, who also did an incredible spread in Square Enix’s N/S EYES ON magazine, spring 2009 issue, as well as the FU RIN KA ZAN Gackt photobook Ryu no Kenshin (English title: Dragon Incarnate).

With images like that, you barely see the dates– and look at it this way, if anyone notices you still have the January page hanging on your wall…they got too close to it to begin with.

8 responses to “Want to spend 2010 with Gackt?

    • That’s an excellent idea! I figured it wasn’t a big deal to cut them off because I would probably end up hanging them back up separately anyway. But for anyone who wants to keep their calendar intact– thanks for that great bit of advice, karadin!

  1. “if anyone notices you still have the January page hanging on your wall…”

    LOL. I’m stuck on April.

    It was shocking though when the calendars first came and the size was…totally unexpected. You can see why they cost so much caus’ they are HUGE and pretty good quality. Definitly a collectors item : ) I was an idiot who didn’t think of a knife and actually ripped the few pages off (it really confused me how I was supposed to get to the next page)

    And I’m stuck on April caus’ tt annoyed me having to climb up to rip off the pages. Not to mention I like really April and thus choose to stay on it. Everyone comments on the whole “is it a guy or a girl?” thing over noticing that it’s on April anyway.

    • It really was surprising. I was expecting another obnoxious little square picture over a huge page of dates I’d never bother filling in anyway. When I received mine it came rolled up, and I took it out, thinking, what?. I’ll never purchase another Western-style calendar ever again. Since it can be difficult finding posters of artists, I recommend the calendars as a good way to get decent-sized images to hang on the wall. Most artists have calendars like this. I think I’ll collect 3 for 2010.

  2. I want to get one too… There used to be a shop in my city which sold posters and calendars. It’s gone now. They also sold Asian calendars so I’m a little bit sad that I never bought anything.

    • It’s a pity that shop is gone– although I wonder if they carried this type of calendar? I wouldn’t waste time ruing that you never shopped there, though. If there was one like it, perhaps there is another similar one and you just have to stumble across it one day.
      Living as I do in this northern ice-patch where Japanese culture is as easy to uncover as blades of grass in winter, I have long resigned myself to the utilization of Web shops and services. I wish you the best in finding a Gackt ’10 calendar– according to his blog he has been shooting in Spain, and while I personally would rather see a background of Japan, I’m sure the photographs will be incredible as always.

      Thanks for your comments!

      • Yeah Spain is beautyful. But it was the only shop xD And I don’t have anything to pay on the web with
        So if there’s a convention or something, maybe…someone will sell his old calendars.
        But that person would be mad xD Or broke…

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