She loves me, she loves me not…

…seems to be one of the leading topics of GACKT’s lyrical compositions. Fortunately we have a much easier question at stake to pluck to clarity– and it would seem that GACKT’s final installment of the 4-week consecutive singles would land on the love-petal. Here it is in all its glory– enjoy.

Live on Music Fighter July 10th, 2009

Did I ever mention, you know– just as a side thought, that I was in Japan while GACKT’s Requiem et Reminiscence II Visualive Tour was happening? And, y’know, that I didn’t get to go? It still stings to watch…but here it is (as long as YT allows, anyway):

From what I’ve been able to see online, the tour looked absolutely mind-blowing. Although GACKT has changed his bass and drums lineup since his DruGparty performances in 2008, it appears that, as usual, ChaChamaru and YOU are both going strong. Ju-Ken, being off touring with Hyde for VAMPS couldn’t make the 50-city tour plan this time around, but was replaced with the jovial and extremely capable Nell. Drums feature the explosive percussive talents of Minami. Both support members give an excellent performance, as can only be expected. I cannot wait for the tour DVD to be released. I wonder if it comes with a pack of GACKT-insignia-ed tissues.

And here’s some fun ^o^

The B-side to the single Flower is titled In Flames.

RequiemWhen you first hear a GACKT song, it’s understandable how it could easily be mistaken for ‘just another Jpop song’. That’s one of the things about GACKT’s talent that I’ve always been able to appreciate– it’s, in a way, quite subtle. If you only hear a song once, it’s possible to blow it off as something un-remarkable. Once you actually take the time to listen, you begin to understand, and that is the key to truly appreciating Gackt’s music. Once you’ve seen a song performed live– there is no return.

Although not all of GACKT’s latest releases are really his “best”– especially on first listen, the more you listen, the more they blossom into the incredible musical and lyrical compositions that they truly are– until finally you are left with a complete bouquet. We are extremely lucky that in this case, these flowers are eternal.



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