It Started on January 12th 2008….

And nobody TOLD ME???

That’s right, boys and girls… That’d be me– Gacktpause, oh one who lives under the rock. That aside, what’s important right now is that I found out sooner or later.

That’s right– it started on January 12th, 2008: Quintillion Quiz.




Quintillion Quiz being the hard-rock project of Masanori Mine on gt.(worked briefly with Girl U Need alongside ChaChamaru of Gacktjob), myco on vo.(formerly of Changin’ My Life), and Ju-Ken (of Gacktjob fame) on the holy bass. What stands out in this lineup, is that Ju-Ken, the great session-musician and, in his own words, ‘the bassist who wanders endlessly’ has actually agreed to settle down enough to be considered an official band-member.

So how is it? It’s freakin’ incredible is how it is! I mean, come on! How can you honestly go wrong with that lineup? (yeah but who cares who’s in it, what’s the sound like?) The music is really strong and refreshing, with a sleek production quality. Most importantly, really– myco’s vocals are actually new and different sounding. She foregos the typical candy-pop sound for bold, powerful lady vocals that complement perfectly the ready-set-go hard-rock music.

You can hear samples of Killer Rouge and Midnight Express QQQ on their website. Look forward to the release of their singles (according to the website, the singles are under status of ‘now printing’.) And yup– they’ve already performed live. Pictures can be seen in their gallery.

Quintillion Quiz official website (Japanese)

When the video starts, myco says “We are QQ, be kind to us, okay?” and at the end of the video she says, “next is the album!”



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