It’s Legit! Visual Exists!


Light some black candles, Visualists, to commemorate the advent of a beautiful thing. October will bring to Japan (naturally– after all, it would be exceedingly unnatural for any VK to appear intl. god forbid.) V-Rock Festival ’09 on the holy dates of October 24th & 25th, 2009.


Ali Project

The lineup currently includes Marilyn Manson, the GazettE, Ali Project, D, D’erlanger, Alice Nine, Angelo, Abingdon Boys School, Ayabie, LM.C, Kra….and everyone else you’ve been dying to see live. Complete lineup info available here

Makuhari Messe was designed by Fumihiko Maki, constructed in 1989. The building was originally called “the Nippon Convention Center”. Over the next fifteen or so years, the center became the focal point around which a kind of city sprang up– schools, parks, stadiums, etc. This area was called “Makuhari New City”– and by 2005 the Nippon Convention Center changed it’s name to better fit in, to what we currently know it as– Makuhari Messe (the first part is obvious– for anyone still scratching their skulls over where the word ‘messe’ came from, no, it’s not Japanese. ‘Messe’ means ‘fair’ in German. Yup, they borrow from Deutsch too.)

Like what you read? Planning on going? Need someone to go with you who speaks pretty good Japanese and can easily navigate life in Japan? TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Makuhari Messe Official Website (Japanese)

V-Rock Festival ’09 Official Website (Japanese, some English)

Yup, even you can go— English info on purchasing tickets intl.


7 responses to “It’s Legit! Visual Exists!

  1. I saw the line up, it’s amazing! I wish I could go! However, Versailles is the one I’m worried about. With the passing of Jasmine You, has there been any changes or cancellation due to the fact that the group is down a bass player?

    RIP. Jasmine You.

    Thank you!


    • So far there hasn’t been an update on Versailles’ status at the Vrock Festival. As far as I can tell, they have not canceled their participation in the event. Most likely they will perform with a substitute bassist.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Hm, that would make the most logical sense. I’m sure Versailles will do their best, even though I’m sure it will be a painful experience at the same time without Jasmine You…

        None the less, they are still amazing! If you do happen to hear of any cancellations, please let me know, assuming it’s not to much trouble.

        Thank you for commenting me back. It’s good to know someone out their is reliable!


  2. I double-checked both Versaille’s website as well as the Vrock Fest lineup information for you– In the announcement of Jasmine You’s death, Versailles stated that they would be suspending all further activities, and their website states that they did in fact cancel participation in the Bands Shock Revolution event (scheduled for August 23rd) as well as an ‘insta event’ scheduled for August 25th. However, neither their website nor Vrock have posted any information concerning a cancellation since last I checked. I’m sure if Versailles decides to cancel, it will be posted both on their site and the Vrock lineup information page.
    If I see anything about it, I will certainly let you know!

    Thank you for the compliment and comment! I always enjoy hearing about people’s interest and thoughts concerning Jrock and Visual Kei.

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  4. So I’m reading through your older entries who bear the name Alice Nine in them, and here again, I lol my ass OFF.

    And dude, I KNEW THE WORD MESSE WAS FROM MY MOTHERTONGUE!! I just didn’t really believed they’d take a german word… LOL!!

    Ah I remember that night…Woke up around half past 3 or something (in the night) saw some bands, and around Alice, there was nothing, sever crashed. (Not to mention the server crashed an hour before GazettE started the next night, FRUSTRATIOOOON, but I can laugh about it now XD)

    • Japanese actually pulls from a lot of different languages for their loan words, not just English. The word for “part-time job” is also drawn from German, arbeit (in Japanese: arubaito). As a side note, Koreans use the same word.

      I recall rumors of a V-Rock Fest ’11…If I scrounge anything up, I’ll make sure to post information.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad to know you’ve been finding some humor in these posts. ;]

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