Sayounara II- the videos

Unfortunately many of the videos posted featuring live performances have been plucked from youtube the past couple of weeks due to CR issues. Essentially this is out of my power– being neither the companies concerned, youtube, the people posting the videos, or the person who, well, does the writing of rights for copyrights. I do, however, try to maintain a level of quality and stability on Secret Garden, so I am doing what I can to replace the videos– at least with clips of the songs where other lives cannot be found.

This does take some work, though! So for now some of the links will be down– replacement of these broken links is a work in progress, and shouldn’t take long. Please bear with me, and Secret Garden will be back up to speed in no time at all. Mostly I just wanted it very clear that the broken links + rare and sporadic posting does not even remotely = death of blog/ger. I am very much still alive, as is SG. I’ve basically been on vacation and then working and then vacationing some more, which culminates in the aforementioned sporadic posting. ~(^o^)~


Thanks for reading! Comments, questions, complaints appreciated.



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