WOWOW is right! Here is footage from Gackt’s Saitama final performance that concluded the long-awaited, nationwide Rebirth et Reminiscence II tour that went from December 2008 to July 2009. Gackt performed all of his anniversary-countdown singles during this tour, and today I present to you proudly, Koakuma Heaven, as aired on WOWOW.

I know I already mentioned this in the post on FLOWER [She loves me, she loves me not], but I just have to say it again– the tour looks absolutely incredible. I think it’s great how GACKT’s tours are never too BA for some fun– harking back to the early days and cat-suited romping in U+K–and even in the incredibly macho-sounding Rebirth et Reminiscence tour GACKT indulges us with some hand-style DDR-type game. Am I the only one wondering how they practiced for that?

In any case, enjoy the video. Gacktpause, over and out. +

Thanks to SqueeltsPara for re-posting the video.



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