Classic Cover Serves Up Late Night Listening for Jpoppers

Wanna feed the need for some late-night Jpop listening? Well, stop right here, because rocker chick Aikawa Nanase’s cover of the all-time Jpop classic serves up a dish of some serious mood-lifter. I’ve never heard a better rendition of ’80s pop-prince Ozaki Yutaka’s famous song, Oh My Little Girl. Here, sung by Aikawa Nanase, arranged and guitar by none other than abingdon boys school composer and guitarist, Shibasaki Hiroshi.

Shibasaki Hiroshi

Shibasaki Hiroshi

Oh My Little Girl is considered one of Ozaki Yutaka’s greatest songs of all time, and this is a really fantastic arrangement of it. The musicians are great, and Shibasaki has arranged it to effect. The bassy, percussive late-night jazz feel carries a different mood than the original, but the arrangement is a warm vessel for the classic that pulls together with a glowing finish.

For comparison, I include the original song below.

As far as I can tell from the comments on the video, the Japanese listeners find the remake a little controversial… Mostly the issue is that they think the feeling of the cover is “too careless” and upbeat. One of Ozaki’s characteristics was a really raw, powerful emotion in his singing… This is apparent both in Oh My Little Girl and I Love You.

I enjoyed the care-free-ness of Aikawa’s version, because it adds a totally new dimension to the already good-as-it-gets powerhouse of Ozaki’s original… Although I believe the Japanese don’t share this sentiment– we barbarian westerners often complain that “it sounded too close to the original” and that bands should “find their own style”…That’s precisely what Shibasaki and Aikawa achieve in their excellent cover. Besides– the bass and percussion are so addictive and hypnotic, how could you possibly resist this glowingly warm rendition?


2 responses to “Classic Cover Serves Up Late Night Listening for Jpoppers

    • It’s an excellent cover, to be sure. The arrangement is flawlessly smooth, with a production quality that really can’t be beat… This is the first of Shibasaki’s non abingdon boys school work that I’ve encountered, and I have to say I’m becoming a real fan. It’s incredible how many talented musicians are hiding away in the Japanese woodwork…Thanks for your comment– it's always great to get unbiased third-party perspectives….!

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