“Kimi no Uta” shaking up Tokyo this August

This summer the CD shops in Japan have been filling up with a whole new cosmos worth of new singles from all the great Jrock and Visual Kei bands of today. I am more than happy to announce that abingdon boys school seems to be back in action with a lineup of singles: Strength, released 2/25; JAP, released 5/20, and now, right on cue, キミ ノ ウタ[Kimi No Uta], to be released August 26th.


Like most Jrock bands throughout history, A.B.S. seems to be spending their year (or career?) dishing out OPs for the latest up-and-coming anime. Both their earlier singles contained theme songs to dramas/anime, and Kimi no Uta shall prove no exception. In this case, the title song will be recognized by anime series Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. fans.

For not-yet fans of the series, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a brand new anime that began airing on July 9th. The story is set in (big surprise) sub-semi-post-apocalyptic Tokyo that has just been hit by a (de Richter scale) magnitude 8.0 earthquake. Tokyo Tower, naturally, has collapsed… The show follows two siblings, Mirai and Yuuki, who were in Odaiba when the earthquake hit, visiting a robot exhibition, and who are now trying to find their way back home to Setagaya. [Note: Setagaya and Odaiba are wards within Tokyo city]. So far there have been 3 episodes, airing July 9th, 16th, and 23rd.

As usual, the special-edition of キミ ノ ウタ [Kimi no Uta]will include a DVD containing recording documentary footage.  (Japanese DVDs are region 2, no subtitles).

Will abingdon boys school’s latest single  rock our foundations? Be sure to pick up Kimi no Uta next month– or at least buy me a copy– it could just be the magnitude 8.0 Tokyo’s been waiting for.

Kimi no Uata / abingdon boys school


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