Gackt 5th Summer Single to be Released

GACKT fifth summer single info unveiled! Following his final 10 Year Countdown release, Gackt will release a fifth summer single: THE NEXT DECADE, on August 8th, ’09.

The Next Decade / Gackt

Following Gackt’s collaboration with “Decade“, AKA the Masked Rider Japanese television program, this past spring, Gackt’s 5th Summer Single will continue with another Decade song: Kamen Rider Decade All Rider VS. Big Shocker.

The single is the song for the Kamen Rider Decade ultimatesuperultracool feature film that will be released in Japan on August 8th, three days after Gackt’s single hits shelves.

There will be an A version disc including a DVD for 1800 Yen (about $18.47)– DVDs usually include bonus material and/or music video.

Side note: All DVDs that come with Japanese releases are Region 2 and without subtitles. Everyone knows that Region 2 DVDs are non-playable on Region 1 DVD players, but for anyone who doesn’t know already, they play fine on a computer.


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