Absence makes the heart grow…

Gacktpause reporting for duty. Just a quick FYI that the usual host of SG (the only one) is currently on hiatus. I’ll be back up and running by the end of the month with some Gackt, some VK fashion and culture and so on. As usual, it’s great to know what people think about SG, and questions and thoughts are duly noted when left in comment-form! Keep reading Secret Garden, and thanks for stopping by!


2 responses to “Absence makes the heart grow…

  1. Hiatus? I thought it was an extended Gackt Pause. I guess I’ll just have to listen to some music while your away. Enjoy the break. I look forward to more VK when you return….refreshed?

    • For lack of better words! There’s this funny thing that happens to devoted web-users. It creeps up in the dead of night, howling like homicidal loons in the night-time of New England country living, and suddenly you’re wide-awake, realizing how little you’ve gotten done the past four months. I believe it’s called ‘Life’. Like something of a de-hooded grim-reaper it appeared and said Gacktpause, your time has come
      If you are tuned into last.fm, I recommend Versaille and Matenrou Opera for some symphonic rock. If you’re interested in something to just kick back and relax with, AnCafe should do the trick. Thanks for your comment, and enjoy!

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