Smashing of Net with Massive Hammer

I think the title says it all: My computer seems to have a new woe each week. I keep fixing them (silently praises personal tech-support), and then something new pops up. Check-up time? Yes! Maybe it has swine-flu…? fufufu… In the meantime, certain aspects of WordPress are down for SG. :-( Shower me with sympathy, oh great gods of the WWW[eb, not wrestling]! Have pity on me! I’ve done no wrong!

Anyway, I can’t insert media into posts without Firefox committing hara kiri on the spot. I’ll try and get IE to function at a speed that corresponds with the latest trend of hectic-stress-ridden-time-frame in the contemporary’s life. :-) Meanwhile, trouble-shooting is on the to-do list. In the meantime, posts will be text-only. No pictures, no videos…. m(_ _)m

Whatever I post in these dark-ages will be updated with all the necessary components when the trouble is fixed.


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