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Wuuuuaahhhh it feels like summer today! I can’t believe it got this hot all of a sudden. The other day I was griping about the 50 degree weather, and today it’s a whopping 80-something. I guess summer is here at last, or on it’s way…That time when people begin to split off into two separate groups…the ones that get super antsy and restless, and the ones that are like snakes, and end up getting heat-stroke just from looking at the weather forecast and spend the summer drowning in their own lethargy. Can you guess which I am? Heh…heh…heh…

Summer always makes me wish I had a fancy car with leather seats.

100% Summer

100% Summer

There’s been a lot of interest in Gackt’s 2009 activity recently. Honestly, I don’t blame anyone– I’ve been particularly interested in Gackt’s 2009 activity as well, partly because I’m waiting with the beady-eyed diligence of a vulture for him to release not ten million more singles, but a proper album. GACKTWEWANTANALBUM! Considering his last album, Diabolos, was released a whopping 4 years ago it’s sort of, y’know, about time.  In the meantime, Gackt’s going to release ten million singles. So here we go– Gackt, what have you been doing in 2009??

Well, 2009 marks Gackt’s 10 year anniversary as a solo artist. Gackt keeps threatening that he’s going to retire in 2010, but that’s ridiculous. According to his statements, Gackt tends to run himself to the bone with his work, and has been hospitalized several times for sickness caused by stress and overexertion. But I strongly believe that he has at least 4 more years left to his career. ^^ However, I do respect where he’s coming from. He says he checks in every three years to see about the state of his health, and inspiration. If he no longer feels that he can make powerful music for his fans, then kaput.

Gackt during the Beginning

Gackt during the Beginning

So, fans, keep sending Gackt your support and encouragement and keep following his work. Congratulations, Gackt, on 10 years.

I was reading a review on some of Gackt’s latest singles, which have been getting chewed out pretty bad– unfortunately. Apparently people are clamoring for another Mars— but I think what bothers them most, since it keeps cropping up all over the internet, is not the music Gackt made in 1999…but his blond hair. Is it just me or does it not matter whether Gackt has blond hair or black hair? Is Gackt Japanese or Norwegian? Right.

Gackt in 2009

Gackt in 2009

In an interview of Gackt in 1999, Gackt was asked by the questioner about his current style. Gackt’s straight-faced reply was “vegetable man!” (see upper- left).

I find all the Gackt-fan-hate action really amusing in kind of a morbid way. The whole “I’m his greatest fan, even though he has bad hair, can’t dance, makes a fool of himself, doesn’t have good music and can’t sing, and I’m the greatest judge” and all that crap. Honestly, they should make spambots that can go into websites and delete the word “fan” from every page.

Jesus and Ghost were both great singles. :-)

Starting December 14th, 2008, at the Misato-Bunka assembly hall in Saitama prefecture, Gackt began a national “Visualive” tour called Requiem et Reminiscence II. The tour will end on July 12th. It will finish with two performances (July 11th and July 12th) at the Saitama Super Arena (さいたまスーパーアリーナ) in Saitama prefecture.  ^^ So it goes full-circle, ne?

(By the way, Saitama-prefecture is in the Kantou area of Japan, a little north of Tokyo.)

While Gackt’s been running all over Japan, he’s still pumping out the singles.

It started with Jesus, the dark hard-rock phenom packed with ‘deep questions’,  released 12/03/2008,



and then came Ghost, the electronic number that paved slightly new territory for the Gackt we know, 1/28/2009,



and then the Triforce was made complete with Journey Through the Decade, which was not written by Gackt, on 3/25/2009.



All three singles were used as the theme songs to shows.

I guess this is a sign that Gackt has productivity peaks– seeing as his Pre-Jesus latest single was 2007’s Returner, Gackt’s 1st #1 hit on Oricon.

Altogther the three singles have been moody and brooding, giving the impression that Gackt’s been trying a darker style than what he’s done in the past…..dun dun dun black hair! Ppppffffftttt….

If you think Gackt’s Gone Goth, however, think again. Gackt’s gone, er, pop, for summer. Apparently quite ready to get those restless beach-babes basking in audio style and get the snake-like lethargic masochists out from their fan-powered stream of cool air and into the beautiful blaze of cococabana sizzling summer love…. iPod charged, Gackt-packed, and fully ready to power us through the long hot months with four consecutive singles that scream summer.

Yup, starting on 6/10 with “1st heaven”, actually Koakuma Heaven, Gackt begins the 10-year-anniversary-countdown 4-consecutive-singles campaign. Beginning with Koakuma, we’ll then splash our way to “2nd heaven” on 6/17 with Faraway. Then we’ll mosey on to 6/24 and “3rd heaven” Lost Angels….finishing up just in time for fireworks with “anniversary disc” Flower on 7/1.

To my lifetime savings, I say….Sayounara.

I guess that was kind of confusing. I just blasted to summer space like a rocket with all that talk of pop and heaven and beaches… I’m kind of confused too, but since I’ve always trusted Gackt’s decisions in the past to no ill-affect, I’m just going to sit this one out non-judgmentally and see what happens. If you visit, you can hear a couple of samples of the songs (which were apparently performed on the tour?). I listened, and I don’t know about you, but I started getting into this whole heat-wave thing…

And then, to top it off, the album covers are covered with glittering girls like off of the ten-pound fashion magazines you can pick up for 500 yen at your local Lawson. At first I was confused, like “are you sure you got the right album cover?” I thought it was Hamasaki Ayu— WAIT. NO. You didn’t hear that.

I told you...cococabana for sure...

I told you...cococabana for sure...

By 3rd heaven he gets back into the Gackt style with two elegant covers. (And what I mean by that is that he with fantastical angelic appendages attached is featured tastefully. No more blonde women.) You can have a look for yourself (the reason they show two covers per album is because the top album cover is a fan-club only special offer).

The singles are available for pre-order through The first-pressing comes with a mini Gackt calendar as a promo gift. ^^

But that’s not all we have to look forward to in 2009. Apparently in the alter-universe Gackt sends half of his soul to while he’s releasing a million singles and touring nearly every day for like 9 months all over the Land of the Rising Sun, he goes off and acts in his first English movie debut: Bunraku. Release date yet to be anounced, directed and written by Guy Moshe.

Gackt will star as the young samurai Yoshi, alongside star Josh Hartnett who I’m sure won’t do anything all that interesting compared to Gackt acting surrounded by an American cast, speaking English. There isn’t much information released about the film, but if I find any as the days go by, it’ll be up here.

If you’re not worried about him going back to natural black hair, then you’ll do what only a good fan can do and nod and smile and turn that “what a weird freaking thing to do…” into a “what a charming display of spontaneity…”

One last important thing I would like to mention before finishing up this post. — Gackt won the “Artist whom people would want to spend most time viewing the cherry blossoms with”. HAH! How true is that. Gackt+10d

Oh, and don’t forget Gackt’s birthday on the 4th of July. :-)

Gacktpause, over and out. X

4 responses to “Gackt 2009

    • I’m glad you were able to learn something about Gackt here…Quite possibly one of the most interesting and peculiar personalities in the Jrock field today…
      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate the feedback.

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful info on Gackt. Could you write a bit about Oricon. What is it? And talking about summer; is it true that for a natural sunscreen the Japanese was a combination of whipped cream and custard? Thanks again for such a great Blog.

    • Tried the custard and whipped cream thing while on vacation…I do believe it’s best just left to the shuu-creams….

      It’s taken this long– but you can now read about OriCon in the Glossary and FAQ page, located at the top of the sidebar.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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