Mana Speaks

I’ve been watching a lot of VERY early Malice Mizer videos. I really respect MM’s solidity of appearance and attitude. They decided who they wanted to be, and didn’t sway from that for anyone.

Something that I find really entertaining when watching MM interviews is that Mana-sama won’t speak. He has said –or signed, or however he went about articulating it– that his music is his voice, so he has no need to express himself through speaking. Therefore whenever the band goes to an interview, Mana-sama either answers a question with a gesture that’s either obviously a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or if it’s obscure then a band member will try and translate it. If the answer is elaborate (har har, as if) then Mana-sama will whisper the reply to one of the band-members and they will answer for him.

I watched a hilarious video of them doing a pre-performance television appearance. The first question all of the girls ask is “shaberenai??” (he won’t talk?) and Gackt, the spokesman, says “un, shaberenai.” (That’s right, he doesn’t talk.) The girl asked if Mana-sama did sign, and Gackt said that he did, and either Gackt or Kozi translated it. The girl tested by asking Mana-sama two questions. Gackt guessed the first one, and then had to laugh at the second and say, “chotto…wakarenai kedo.” (actually…I don’t really know what he said.)

The video is of a very, very early MM appearance on Hotwave in ’96 where Mana-sama slips and accidentally introduces himself! Very funny– he catches himself and refuses to answer through the rest of the interview. :)


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