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For the true Visualist,Visual Kei isn’t just a genre, it’s a lifestyle. Living this lifestyle outside of Japan, where official merch, goods, and relevant stuff is not readily available takes a lot of dedication, creativity, and self-sufficiency.
The websites listed here are sites that I use actively or have found to be inspiring in the development of my own Visualist lifestyle. I hope they may serve you well in the founding, or refining, of yours.

Graffiti in Shin Osaka, Japan
Graffiti in Shin Osaka, Japan


(M&F)- denotes both male and female clothing/product, (M) denotes male only, (F) denotes female only

[ brackets ]- denotes country of origin.

GACKT & Gacktjob

GACKT official website (Most languages)

GACKT official MySpace (Most languages)

Camui G School Cooperative Store official site (Japanese)

Darts -Darkside Inhabitants- [jewelry shop] (Japanese)

Nemuri x GACKT Project (Japanese)

GACKT x Nemuri Kimono Project (Japanese)

GACKT x TRIPLEIGHT Product line (as advertised in GACKTIONARY) [Jp]

Gackpoid (Japanese)

Chachamaru’s solo album AIR, featuring GACKT as a guest

Ju-Ken the Bass, Ju-Ken official website (Japanese)

Ju-Ken ‘s official blog (Japanese)

JU-KEN’s blog unofficial translations by “Vesimeloni” at the Ju-Ken the Bass! LJ community

MINAMI official website (session drummer/ DruGParty, R&RII)

Ryu-Dragon (Former drummer/Sixth Day & Seventh Night, Diabolos)

YOU official blog (Japanese)

abingdon boys school

abingdon boys school official website (Japanese)

abingdon boys school official MySpace (English)

abingdon boys school official product and designer goods, all designed by Nishikawa Takanori (Japanese) [JP only–you can’t afford it anyway]

A.B.S.F.C (abingdon boys school fan club) Official Website (Japanese/Japan only)

IKUO official website (Japanese)

Shibasaki Hiroshi official website (Japanese)

SUNAO official website (Jp)

T.M. Revolution official website (Japanese)

Official Band & Artist Websites

9GOATS BLACK OUTofficial website (Japanese)

acid black cherry official website (Japanese)

Alice Nineアリス九號 official website (Jp., English, Korean, Chinese)

amber gris official website (Japanese)

AnCafe official website (Japanese) -On hiatus-

Angelo official website (Coming soon)

Ayabie 彩冷える official website (Japanese) -Disbanded-

AYABIE  [formerly known as D-N-L] official website (Coming soon)

B’z official website (English, Japanese)

BLOOD official MySpace (English) -Disbanded-

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES official website (Jp., English)

BUCK-TICK official website (Japanese)

D’espairsRay official website (Japanese, English) -Disbanded-

D official website (Japanese)

D=OUT official website (Japanese)

Daizy Stripper official website (Japanese)

Danger Gang official website (Japanese)

DELUHI official website (Japanese) -Disbanded-

Dir En Grey official website (Japanese, English

Duel Jewel official website (Japanese)

Exist Trace official website (Japanese)

girugamesh official website (Japanese, English)

Guardian Hacker official website (Japanese)

Hangry & Angry official website (Japanese)

HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR official website (Japanese) -Disbanded-

HITT official website (Jp., English, French)

Kagrra, official website (Japanese) -Disbanded. RIP Isshi

Karasu official myspace (Japanese)

Kaya official website~ Rose Addict~ (Japanese)

Kra official website (Japanese)

黒夢 Kuroyume official MySpace (Japanese)

L’arc-en-Ciel official website (Jp., En., Chinese, Korean)

Lc5 official blog [with miku of AnCafe] (Jp.)

LM.C official website (Japanese, English)

Luzmelt official website (Japanese)

Lycaon official website (Japanese)

lynch. official website (Japanese)

雅-MIYAVI- official website (Japanese, English)

Malice Mizer official website (Japanese) -Disbanded-

Merry official website (Japanese)

Moi Dix Mois official website (Japanese, English)

MUCC official website (Japanese, English)

Nightmare official website (Japanese)

ONE OK ROCK official website (Japanese)

PENICILLIN official website (Japanese)

R-Shitei (R指定) official website (Japanese)

Rampant official website (Japanese)

Remioromen (レミオロメン) official website (Japanese)

Sadie official website (Japanese)

School Food Punishment official website (Japanese)

Schwarz Stein official website (Japanese)

SCREW official website (Japanese)

SuG official website (Japanese)

Sugar official website (Japanese) -Disbanded-

The GazettE official website (Jp.,En.,Ko.,Ch.)

THE KIDDIE official website (Japanese)

The LEGENDARY SIX NINE official website (Japanese)

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S official website  (English)

Tomoyasu Hotei official website (Japanese)

UnsraW official website (Japanese) -Disbanded-

VAMPS official website (Japanese, English)

Versailles Philharmonic Quintet official website (Japanese)

Vidoll official website (Japanese) -On hiatus-

Vistlip official website (Japanese)

ViViD official website (Japanese)

X JAPAN official website (Japanese, English)

XodiacK official website (Japanese)

Yoshinori Sugimoto official website (Japanese)

Official Solo Websites

葵 of Ayabie彩冷える official website (Japanese)

Hyde official website (Japanese)

K.A.Z [VAMPS] official website (Japanese)

Ken [L’arc] official website (Japanese)

Tetsuya official website [L’arc] (Japanese)

ToshI-Samurai Japan [X Japan] (Japanese)

Yoshiki [X Japan] official website (Multi-lingual)

Yukihiro [L’arc] official website (Japanese)

Worldwide Fan Clubs

C.W.I.F – Co-Miyavi Worldwide International Family

PSC Global Fanclub (The GazettE, Kagrra,, Alice Nine, Kra, SuG, SCREW, ViViD, BORN, D=OUT)

Versailles PQ / Descendant of the Rose (International admissions pending)

Jrock & Visual Kei Related Websites

Danger Crue Records official website, part of Maverick (Japanese, English)

Inazuma Rock Festival, annual music festival in Shiga, Japan, organized by Nishikawa Takanori  (Japanese)

J-glam Inc. (JAPANESE GLAMOROUS), company of 雅ーMIYAVI (Japanese, English)

Jack In The Box music fest, annual music fest put on by Maverick (Japanese)

King Records official website, label of artists such as Alice Nine, The GazettE, Angelo, INORAN, and many others (Japanese)

Maverick DC Group (label) official website, label ofartists such as L’arc-En-Ciel, girugamesh, and MUCC (Japanese)

Midi:Nette official website, Mana’s cult/record label and HQ for all M:N bands

Phonetically Syndicalism Company [PSC], the young blood empire of popular Visual Kei.

V-ROCK FESTIVAL ’09, official page for the Visual Kei festival held in Chiba, Japan, on October 24th-25th 2009.


HearJapan , MP3 store with offices based out of Yokohama, Japan. Large (and growing) selection of Jpop, Jrock, Enka, Visual Kei, gackpoid, and more.  +Sent in by HearJapan+

Japan Files, MP3 and CD store specializing in indies groups, featuring an eclectic mix of artists + genres.

Blogs Worth Reading

D Street Team Argentina Forum Extensive forum about D (Espanol/Spanish) +Sent in by Shisele23q+

Love Hotel Oasis, various-artist fan-site run by Darcy Maris. Profiles, updates, and links.

Reddish – uncensored and frank thoughts on j-music, prickly, objective reviews on Visual Kei and Jrock at an up-and-coming blog-spot.

Sakurayume, a highly entertaining, humorous, and multidimensional blog covering everything from J-tek to Visual Kei. Specializes in accidentally breaking up her favorite VK bands with voodoo.

SOLILOQUY, Visual Kei CD reviews, remarks, and general Visualism by the cool Kenryoku.

The Name of the Rose, up and coming forum dedicated to the discussion of, and the sharing of information pertaining to, the Gothic VK band D. +Sent in by Harumi +

VK Revolution, Visual Kei reviews and info…Unlike me, they accept requests. [Note: Inactive as of Oct. 2009.]

CDs, magazines, clothing, traditional wares, headphones, accessories, and general Jrockism:


CDJapan– the best place on the internet to get all of your Jrock, Visual Kei, Jpop, DVDs, apparel, etc, for the prices they pay at retailers in Japan. I shop exclusively with CDJ for all of my CDs. Read about them: here

Official Goods, Tour Goods, and Band Merchandise

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