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Welcome to Secret Garden.

  “Of all her father’s records, the one I liked best was a recording of the Liszt piano concertos: one concerto on each side. There were two reasons I liked this record. First of all, the record jacket was beautiful. Second, no one around me—with the exception of Shimamoto, of course—ever listened to Liszt’s piano concertos. The very idea excited me. I’d found a world that no one around me knew—a secret garden only I was allowed to enter. I felt elevated, lifted to another plane of existence.” – Murakami Haruki*

I stumbled across Jrock back in ’06. I guess it’s one of things you could describe as fated. At the time, all I knew was I had never experienced anything like it before. The unique aesthetic, visceral importance, genre-bending, personalities of the musicians and bands + the power, passion, meaningful lyrics and the beautiful sound of the Japanese language coming together like chemical components and the whole mixture exploding into musical fireworks.

 At first all I wanted was an active conversation– and this is how most things start, right? A fire ignites within you, and you’re sitting there, forever alone, painfully conscious of the fact that you may be the only person within a thousand miles who even knows about this stuff. For a while I felt like it was something secret– like I was Spiderman, and there was this whole half of my life, the important half, that I couldn’t share with anyone.

 And now, after a few years of blogging, of putting my passion down on blogsphere, of connecting with some pretty cool Visualists, I proudly tell the world that I am a Visualist living a life defined by Visual Kei and Jrock. I want my blog to reflect that–that passion, yeah, and the pride. I want it to reflect that Visual Kei is something that has changed my perception of the world and sculpted the life that I am living. A mysterious thing, a subjective shift; how can I possibly give back to what has given me so much, but to hold my head up high and say, I am a Visualist, and this is my visual life?

I realized that I really wanted to not only connect with others who were also into Visual Kei, but also, as my own learning-experience of Visual Kei follows its curve, to create a doorway through which the unenlightened might see the light. Through this blog, and the conversations that arise out of it, I hope that I can be a part of the movement that incites a deeper interest in, and understanding of, Visual Kei and Jrock in the West.

This is an ongoing project; a decisive desire to bridge the gap between Visualists, no matter where they’re from, and the music that forms our common ground.

I believe that music is like an ultra-powerful lens through which we can view the entire world. And that is what I am trying to do here– look at it as more than just music, more than just a superficial experience. This is a Visual life.


The header for this blog was taken from a desktop made by http://nikaanuk.deviantart.com/. It is used here with permission.

* Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun
Knopf 1998 / Kodansha ’92, Translated by Philip Gabriel


2 responses to “About -The New Intro-

  1. hey there just wanna post a reply to your beautiful articles.
    though i’m not really a fan of jrock but i do enjoy some japanese boy groups and their song (fan girl type)
    this maybe kinda off topic i guess really super out of the topic.
    but you said about ”sharing of opinions and ideas that makes blogging interesting.” so i’ve decided to share mine.
    I really enjoyed reading your article about the toyota thing and the reverse thing that is going on with people not just in japan.
    and yes i totally agree with some of the people’s reaction your first picture got me whirled up i was just searching for some boys picture then your blog got out so i guess it was great to read your blog! i was filled with admiration you must have been a writer(i mean book like twilight or harry potter or manga :D) or something your article were a blast! call me your fan now! ops sorry i should be stopping now.. oh well this sound very silly i don’t actually know if your a male or a female but if you were a male i can picture you out(maybe you look like just the first picture: P) and if you are a female…please teach me how to right this flawless style of yours ..oh my, i’m talking to myself..hahah anyway now i’m a fan and i’ll be reading your articles starting today. and sooner i’ll be a jrock fan too…. please write more more beautiful and captivating articles .. hahah this sound so ironic right? hahah anyway i’ll go now and read more of your very artistic writings :) – you new fan :D

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